The Voyager with Josh Garcia is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. With a world traveler as our guide, The Voyager with Josh Garcia takes audiences on an exciting and culturally rich voyage around the globe. Traveling by ocean, each episode brings audiences to the world's most incredible destinations as we join Josh on a personal journey to discover, understand and immerse in the hidden beauty, diverse traditions and unique cuisine each port has to offer. As we meet local cultural experts, learn authentic regional stories and taste indigenous dishes, Josh inspires us to celebrate and explore the people, places and cultures of our world.

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S1 Episode 17


Florence, Italy. Josh visits the birthplace of the Renaissance and kicks the day off by searching for the world’s most expensive food with a four-legged expert. At the city’s oldest gelato shop, he learns to make the tasty treat from scratch. For a grand finale, Josh gets a lesson in opera before catching a show at the birthplace of the art form to see (and hear) how the real pros hit all the notes.

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S2 Episode 5


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Josh is ashore in Ho Chi Minh City where he explores the traditional culture still thriving in this fast paced, modern city. Josh visits a workshop where skilled artisans craft handmade pieces using the ancient technique of bronze casting. Then, he meets a chef who teaches him the art of making pho, Vietnam’s wildly popular street food. Finally, Josh ventures into the area’s lush rice fields where he learns to harvest rice by hand one grain at a time.

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S2 Episode 19


Lisbon, Portugal. Josh spends the day ashore discovering the food, culture, and music of this Portuguese hot spot. At a traditional artisan workshop, Josh learns the ancient art of handcrafting Lisbon’s iconic, decorative tiles. Next, he gets a master class in making vegetable tempura, the world-famous dish that originated in Portugal. Later, Josh is introduced to Fado music and learns about the unique instrument behind its haunting melodies.


S3 Episode 5


Josh’s ship sails to Maui, Hawaii where he spends the day on the island immersing himself in Hawaiian culture. After a ukulele lesson, he learns to prepare a traditional Hawaiian luau dish. Then, he finds his balance mastering stand-up paddle boarding in beautiful Honolua Bay and tours a pineapple plantation to learn about Hawaii’s iconic fruit.


S3 Episode 18


Josh makes his first voyage to Barbados, which celebrates its diverse Caribbean culture mixed with over 300 years of British rule and traditions. At a beach on Carlisle Bay in historic Bridgetown, Josh meets a local diver who explains a tradition that is unique to Barbados, thoroughbred race horses led to the sea for a morning therapeutic swim. Next, Josh takes a food tour with a local historian and foodie to learn all about the complex Barbadian cuisine, which is a combination of both British and Caribbean flavors. Its dishes are known to be spicy, but not necessarily “super-hot” spicy. Cricket is the national sport and Josh is excited to visit a legendary cricket club where he meets with a coach to learn all about the game and test his skills with a ball and bat. After suiting up, he gives it a try and gains a new appreciation for the difficulty of the sport. Finally, Josh goes for a snorkeling adventure in a location known to be a habitat for sea turtles. Not only does Josh get to swim with one, he gets to observe other sea life in the turquoise, clear waters of the Caribbean.

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S2 Episode 13


Josh sails into Tokyo and sets out to discover the sights, sounds, and flavors of this world-class city. He learns the Japanese art of flower arrangement known as ikebana and enjoys authentic Tokyo-style sushi with a master class in creating this iconic dish. Later, Josh explores the ancient sounds of Japan by learning to play the powerful Taiko drums!

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S2 Episode 1


Talkeetna, Alaska. Josh voyages north to Alaska and takes a train to the quaint Alaskan town of Talkeetna, in the shadow of Denali, the tallest peak in North America. Curious about Alaska’s passion for sourdough, Josh visits a local bakery where he discovers why this celebrated bread is the toast of the town. He takes a flightseeing tour of Denali and explores one of its magnificent glacial peaks. Then, a team of Iditarod sled dogs takes Josh for the ride of his life!


S2 Episode 10


Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. Josh spends the day ashore in Amber Cove exploring the Dominican Republic’s national treasures. First, he discovers the natural wonder of amber, an indigenous gem that dates back millions of years. Next, he teams up with a local restaurateur and learns how to make sancocho, the island’s epic national dish. Fascinated by the country’s success in major league baseball, Josh visits a premier sports academy and trains with its heavy hitters.


S2 Episode 24


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Josh spends the day ashore in Buenos Aires, exploring the history, culture, and cuisine of Argentina’s glamourous capital city. Upon arriving, Josh joins a culinary class, and learns why empanadas come in all different shapes and sizes. Next, he heads to the countryside and hops into the saddle, where he learns polo, Argentina’s most celebrated sport. For his final adventure, Josh steps out of his comfort zone and embraces the country’s most iconic dance – the tango!


S3 Episode 10


Josh sails to Costa Rica, where he visits a mascarada maker; meets an explorer of waterfalls; goes to a ranch where Spanish horses are raised and trained in the discipline of dressage; and learns to prepare a tuna dish using only local ingredients.

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S3 Episode 2


Josh spends the day ashore in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where he visits an artisanal glass factory and tries his hand at this art form with the help of a master glassblower. Next, kayaking with a guide to the famous El Arco landmark, he learns about its importance to ships navigating these seas for hundreds of years.  Finally, Josh visits a chef at his organic farm where he learns how to prepare a traditional salsa for an authentic farm to table experience.

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S2 Episode 16


Ashore in Belize, Josh kicks off his day with a local chef who teaches him how to make a traditional Belizean stew using unique culinary tools native to the country. Next, he ventures into the jungle and discovers Mayan ruins that date back more than 3,000 years. Finally, Josh enjoys a breathtaking underwater adventure swimming with sharks.


S2 Episode 4


Juneau, Alaska. Upon docking in Juneau, Josh visits a hatchery where he learns how the salmon population is sustained, then takes a deep dive into the exciting world of crab fishing.  Josh’s final excursion is truly magical when he kayaks to the great Mendenhall Glacier and ventures deep inside its majestic ice caves.


S2 Episode 14


Ocho Rios, Jamaica. After arriving in Ocho Rios, Josh rafts down the picturesque Martha Brae River, marveling at the exotic jungle scenery. At a plantation, he learns about Jamaica's High Mountain coffee, following the java bean's journey from farm to cup. Later, Josh visits a famous jerk chicken restaurant, and explores the spicy flavors that make this iconic dish a world-wide favorite.

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S3 Episode 2


Josh sails to Tallinn, Estonia, one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities, where he steps back into medieval times and experiences three different professions. First, he apprentices as a blacksmith’s helper and practices forging a horseshoe. Then, he visits a historic castle where he trains in full armor as a castle guard. Finally, he learns about traditional Estonian cuisine and gets a lesson in how to serve a feast to lords and ladies.

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S3 Episode 12


Josh cruises to Giardini Naxos on the Italian island of Sicily and gets to experience first-hand some of its unique cultural treasures. Josh’s first stop is to Opera dei Pupi, in the city of Catania, a nearly two-century-old marionette theater. Here, he learns about this folk-art and why it takes years to learn how to create and manipulate these handcrafted puppets. Then, Josh has a thrilling lesson in geology by climbing one of Europe’s highest and most active volcanoes, Mt. Etna. Next, Josh explores Taormina, where he walks around one of the great amphitheaters originally built by the Greeks that is still used for outdoor concerts. Always interested in learning about cuisine, Josh visits the kitchen of one of Sicily’s top chefs where he learns to make caponata, a uniquely Sicilian dish with flavors that speak to the island’s melting pot of history.

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S3 Episode 24


Josh voyages to Oman, an ancient country on the Arabian Peninsula where many old Arab customs and traditions still prevail. In Muscat, Oman’s capital, Josh takes a tour of the elegant Grand Mosque where he’s amazed to learn 21,000 people can worship at the same time. Next, he heads to Oman’s first capital in the 6th and 7th centuries, Nizwa, to learn about the craft of carpet weaving. After being introduced to a weaver and observing how to work a mensaje, a traditional loom, Josh tries his hand at weaving and realizes the process is not as simple as it looks. An intrinsic part of Omani hospitality is serving dates and Josh visits a date farm to learn more about this sweet fruit, how they’re grown, and the unique system that brings water to the farms down from the mountains. Finally, Josh heads to Sharqiya Sands, a desert area known for its spectacular sand dunes where he meets with a member of a Bedouin tribe and learns how to travel in this extreme, but starkly beautiful environment.

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S2 Episode 2O


Josh cruises into one of the most beautiful bays in the world and spends his day exploring the medieval city of Kotor, Montenegro. First, he meets a local chef who shows him the ancient method for preparing sac, a flavorful specialty native to the country. Inspired by the city’s limestone landscape, he travels to the countryside to learn more about this ubiquitous natural treasure. Finally, Josh teams up with some of the country’s top-ranked water polo athletes and makes a big splash learning Montenegro's national sport.

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