Litton Entertainment is a leading producer and distributor of award-winning content that entertains and inspires hundreds of millions globally.  Litton team members and production studios are located throughout the United States making Litton uniquely positioned to create and leverage programming across multiple platforms. See the latest news on Litton here.

Litton Entertainment produces over 800 hours of Emmy Award-Winning programming on leading broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, NBC and The CW including “Litton’s Weekend Adventure,” seen nationally on ABC stations, “CBS Dream Team: It’s Epic,” and “One Magnificent Morning” airing Saturday mornings on The CW. Litton also provides NBC stations six original E/I series under the iconic brand, The More You Know. Additionally, Litton syndicates a variety of entertainment and news programs to over 1000 television stations in the United States, and the company’s diverse portfolio of programs air in 97 countries worldwide, including the new E/I block Go Time! and Consumer Reports TV. 

Litton Entertainment has received numerous national awards for outstanding achievement in television programming including 17 Emmy Awards, 87 Parent's Choice Awards and 204 Telly Awards, a coveted honor from one of America's most prestigious organizations dedicated to promoting the highest quality programming.

Litton is majority-owned by Hearst: http://www.hearst.com/


Litton’s diverse team of experts brings in-depth knowledge and transformative thinking to Litton’s content development and partnership relations.

Dave Morgan is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Litton Entertainment. Mr. Morgan has built Litton Entertainment into one of the country’s largest privately held independent television programming companies working with partners including Disney ABC, NBC Universal, and Pepsi. Prior to founding Litton Entertainment in 1989, Dave Morgan held executive management positions with Hearst Radio, Taft Broadcasting and Katz Television.

Pete Sniderman, Litton’s Chief Operating Officer, has overseen the company’s expansion and growth through his leadership of several divisions including corporate and advertising sales partnerships, international sales, programming acquisitions, network partnerships and the creation of Litton's news division, Litton News Source. In addition, Sniderman also leads the company's innovative public service platforms as well as Litton's international sales and marketing initiatives.

Lisa Jones, Executive Assistant to the CEO, assists and maintains schedules and calendars for the CEO and COO.

Bryan Curb, Chief Creative Officer, oversees the creative aesthetic of Litton content across multiple channels, including their network television series and online presence. He is additionally responsible for developing new content in the scripted and unscripted spaces, expanding Litton’s reach into new markets domestically and around the world.

Dan Solomon, Managing Director, leads the business development team and is responsible for initiatives with brands and non-profit institutions as well as digital distribution initiatives across interactive television, social, web, and mobile platforms.

Meg LaVigne, President of Television, leads Litton’s syndicated entertainment and news content division and is responsible for the company’s public relations, communications and creative services strategy in collaboration with Litton’s network and television station partners.

David Doyle, EVP, Production & Development, oversees the company’s original production & development departments. Manages relationships with talent, agents and the production community & supervises all production personnel and operations for the company’s current programming slate out of Litton’s Burbank, CA offices.

Mark Rains, Executive in Charge of Production, oversees the company’s production management personnel as well as financial and logistical operations for the company’s current programming slate out of Litton’s Burbank, CA offices.

Mark Cooper, EVP, Domestic Distribution, is responsible for creating and managing relationships with television stations, corporate station groups and other media outlets, as well as creating new business, upgrading existing accounts and contributing to the research and development of new content.

Donna Wall, Director, Affiliate Relations and Operations of Television Syndication, is responsible for administrative organization of the TV Division and station affiliate liaison for all TV station partners.

Amy DeGregorio, Vice President, Integrated Marketing, manages business development and strategic marketing programs for brands and non-profit institutions across Litton's programming portfolio. 

Laura Pramstaller, Director of Business Development and Marketing, assists and executes business development and marketing activities for sponsorship execution.

Caitlin Yaniec, Business Development and Marketing Associate, assists and executes business development and marketing activities for sponsorship execution.

Ilana Gordon, Senior Producer, Branded Content, manages end-to-end relationships with branded content partners and serves as liaison with production to ensure proper execution of all contracted branded initiatives. Develops branded content and integrations in conjunction with the company’s sponsorship sales, development and production teams. 

Sara Krajewski, Director, Public Relations and Affiliate Relations, develops and executes all internal and external communications and public relations strategies for all platforms with existing partners and television affiliates.

Courtney Parnell, Vice President of Business Affairs, manages daily operations for the company’s business objectives and the content approval process across Litton’s multiple platforms. In addition, she works closely with production partners and network executives to ensure compliance with contractual and legal obligations.

James Shuler, Project Manager, Business Affairs, assists with operations, network compliance and legal matters.

Hannah Reynolds, Project Manager, Business Affairs, assists with content approval, network compliance and business operations. 

Ashley DesChamps, Project Manager, Business Affairs, assists with contracts, content approval, network compliance, and business operations. 

Andrew Tew, Vice President of Licensing and Distribution, works in partnership with digital platforms, as well as manages the identification, execution, and communication of Litton’s digital strategy. Collaborates with the business development and business affairs teams, as well as strategy and execution of client-specific campaigns.

Justin Aranda, Senior Manager, Social Media, produces, manages, and distributes content that reflects Litton's pro-social mission through various social media platforms. Conceptualizes and implements social media strategies that leverage the power of conversation and spike interest in television programming.

Haley Clarke, Social Media Specialist, assists in management and distribution of show-based content through various social media platforms. Collaborates with production staff and program partners to develop robust social audiences while supporting various marketing and messaging objectives. 

Aidan Pickering, Executive Producer, Third-Party Production, oversees current programming process as liaison with third-party production companies. 

Clifton McDaniel, Creative Producer, Development, creates reels and on-air promos as well as conversion of broadcast shows for digital distribution.

Laura Hays, Senior Production Manager, oversees all organizational, scheduling and budgetary operations for the company's current programming slate out of Litton's Burbank, CA offices. 

Judy Levenson, Director of Business Development and Marketing, responsible for developing strategic partnerships with branded content partners.

Jess Zaino, Director of Partnerships, responsible for developing strategic partnerships with branded content partners.

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