Each year, Litton develops over 800 hours of award-winning programming for its ten television network and hundreds of television station partners. The pioneer in creating pro-social television programming, Litton is at the forefront of producing high quality, compelling content that reaches media consumers through all entertainment platforms.

Litton’s Burbank and Charleston studios collaborate with the industry’s top writers, directors and producers to develop original scripted and non-scripted dramas, comedies and news programming for cable, digital and emerging media.

Litton is driven to innovate. Litton was the first producer in the United States to include “audio description” in all of its network programs. This vital service is provided through a grant from the Department of Education and gives viewers with disabilities additional audio content to ensure they fully appreciate each show’s content. Litton’s dedication to its viewers and programming partners continues to distinguish the company for its focus on quality and innovation.

For the latest schedules, sample episodes and information about our programming, please visit our programming blocks below:

Litton’s Weekend Adventure (ABC)

CBS Dream Team, It’s Epic! (CBS)

One Magnificent Morning (The CW)

The More You Know (NBC)