Litton and the American Forces Network Partner to Bring "The More You Know," NBC's New E/I Block to Military Audiences Around the World

“The More You Know” Joins CBS Dream Team: It’s Epic! and “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” Blocks Already Seen on AFN In Partnership with Litton Entertainment

Burbank, CA (October, 3 2016 )- Dave Morgan, President and CEO of Litton Entertainment announced today that “The More You Know,” Litton’s new E/I block debuting October 1st on NBC will be seen by military families around the world through Litton’s existing partnership with the American Forces Network.

Litton and The American Forces Network currently provide twelve programs to service people and their families each week including “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” seen weekly on ABC stations and “CBS Dream Team: It’s Epic!" airing on CBS network affiliated stations nationwide.

“The More You Know” features six all-new HD educational/informational programming debuting. October 1st including “The Voyager with Josh Garcia,” “Wilderness Vet,” “Journey with Dylan Dreyer,” “Naturally, Danny Seo,” “Give” and “Heart of a Champion with Lauren Thompson.”

Expanding its reach worldwide, “The More You Know” will be available to nearly one million American service members and their families’ overseas airing on American bases in over 175 countries on the American Forces Network. AFN is a worldwide radio and television broadcast network that airs quality programming to service members and their families at American bases as well as those serving on 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea.

In addition, all six programs will also incorporate video description in each week's episodes. Video description provides enhanced detail of a program's visual content and is inserted during existing pauses in the show's audio track. This enhancement makes television programming more accessible to a wide range of viewers including those with learning disabilities, autism, viewers who are visually impaired or English language learners. As a result, NBC stations will not only be providing high quality educational programming to their viewers, but supplemental information that ensures all viewers experience the full value of this remarkable programming.

"Bringing "The More You Know” as well as our programs currently airing on CBS and ABC stations to our military families oversees is an important part of our mission to make these high quality programs available to all audiences. And, I'm honored that our military families will be able to enjoy these shows. It's our way of saying thank you to those who give so much to us," commented Dave Morgan.


Litton Programs Currently Seen on The American Forces Network:

Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin

Sea Rescue

The Wildlife Docs

Rock The Park

Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner

Lucky Dog

Dr. Chris Pet Vet

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

The Inspectors

Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes

The Open Road with Dr. Chris

The Voyager with Josh Garcia

Wilderness Vet

Journey with Dylan Dreyer

Naturally, Danny Seo


Heart of a Champion with Lauren Thompson


About Litton Entertainment

Litton Entertainment is the preeminent independent producer and distributor in the U.S. television industry creating and distributing quality programming for over twenty years. Litton’s Weekend Adventure, produced by Litton Studios, was the first program block of its kind and airs Saturdays on ABC stations nationwide. Litton’s Weekend Adventure features original E/I series including Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, Emmy® winning Rock the Park, Emmy® winning Sea Rescue and Emmy® nominated The Wildlife Docs. Litton Entertainment provides CBS Network with six original programs for Saturday mornings called CBS Dream Team: It’s Epic!, including Emmy® winning Lucky Dog, Emmy® winning The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca, Emmy® winning The Inspectors, and Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes. Litton also provides The CW Network with One Magnificent Morning, a five hour destination featuring E/I programming in its second season and on October 1, 2016 Litton began providing NBC stations six original E/I series under the iconic brand, The More You Know.

Litton’s syndication and news division distributes a diverse slate of programs including the new E/I block Go Time! launching in Fall 2016 and Consumer Reports TV and The Consumer Alert News Network.  For more information about Litton Entertainment, visit


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